martedì 26 luglio 2016

Invitation Mrs Hillary Clinton

To the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella
To the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
To the Chancellor of the German Federal Republic Angela Merkel
To the Presidential Candidate of the United States of America Hillary Clinton

CROTONE, AUGUST 18, 2016 AT 7:00PM

Dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton, 

As you can see in chapter 36 of my book "I dismiss myself as a male", you have an important appointment with history to change the world for the better. The invitation to Crotone for the opening of the New Pythagorean School is an invitation to build a global community which is more fair and without violence.

2500 years ago Pythagoras established himself in Crotone where he founded his famous School. Now from Crotone the New Pythagorean School starts again and its intention is to help humanity in a moment of grave personal and social bewilderment.

The School in Crotone reopens its doors that revolve around two hinges: the woman and the end of violence. Pythagoras taught that the woman is the natural custodian of social justice and thus had more dignity than the man. Until now, men have always led the world with the result that we see today. Men were the founders of religions, the political and military leaders.

The invitation to come to Crotone would like to bring you to the land that first saw the birth of Italy and then of Magna Graecia, two models so rich and fruitful known to all. The invitation is dutifully addressed to the Italian Authorities, but we are also inviting Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton as an example of women as heads of governments.

From Pythagoras' times until today the South of Italy, Calabria and Crotone have endured a severe decadence due to the nonobservance of the Pythagorean principles of freedom, friendship, life and goods in common, non-competitiveness: these are the same principles that the New School intends to reaffirm.

In Crotone you will find a surprise, an Ox made out of Bread. Pythagoras refused to kill animals because he claimed that out of this war was born: if you don't dare to kill an animal you will never kill a human. We would like to break and eat that Ox with you in the Sissizio, the community banquet on which Italo founded Italy. Your invitation in reality is addressed to all Heads of State and to all the inhabitants of the planet so that they become aware that from this land the cycle of universal reconciliation starts.
The Scholarch                                                           The President
Salvatore Mongiardo                                                Marco Tricoli

In the attachment I dismiss myself as a male the reasons and the aspirations that animate our venture are explained.

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